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The Alpha state of mind is an amazing state of mind that we are all used to. It is that state of mind we go to when we are daydreaming, involved in a good book,Alpha chart or movie. It is when you are relaxed, not drowsy. and your mind is still alert.
When your mind is in the Alpha state you a more able to focus than when your mind is in the Beta state because in the Beta your mind will probably be dealing with many thoughts and sensory inputs at the same time. When you are Alpha, your brainwaves are at about 7.5 – 12 Hertz, or cycles per second.
At this level you mind is able to learn new things, more easily because it is easier to focus. This is why it is a perfect state of mind for visualizing. It is great for self-hypnosis because you can direct your thoughts to visualize the outcome that you desire. Let’s say that you want to change a habit… get into a relaxed state and visualize, or imagine, going through your day without the undesired habit, and doing what you want to do. Since, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, it can more easily accept your visualization as real and help you to change the habit more easily.
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