Environmental Hypnosis

Man walking around in a tranceSome people don’t think they are hypnotized when they really are. This is because we all go into hypnosis from time to time. When you are driving on the freeway and miss your off ramp because your mind is somewhere else, you are in hypnosis. When you are watching a TV show, or movie, and you zone out, you are in hypnosis. Advertisers count on this. They know when you are in a state of hypnosis that your critical area of mind is not at work and you become susceptible to their ads. Have you ever craved a food item after seeing it on screen? That is what I am talking about.
On a previous page I stated that you have to voluntarily and actively participate in the process of hypnosis, so how can environment hypnosis happen? It is because we are not actively staying in conscious area of mind with the critical area of mind purposely working. Yes, watching shows (or being on the internet, etc.) can be a nice diversion….or escape from life or stress. I know that I used to watch live car chases on TV to escape….face it, they are a pretty mindless activity to watch. But the key is to wake yourself up afterwards.
If you are losing things, feel fuzzy headed, or look into a mirror and see your eyes are dilated, then say to yourself “One, two, three, four, five, eyes open wide awake.” Do this over and over until you feel more alert. Working with a hypnotist can be very helpful with environmental hypnosis.  With some people, in some circumstances, it takes going into a deeper state of hypnosis and then being counted out to bring them back to full awareness. Isn’t it worth that to be fully engaged in your life?
Environmental Hypnosis
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