Theta Greek letterIn Theta, your brainwaves have slowed quite a bit…4 Hertz to 7.5 Hertz, or cycles per second.Theta chart

Theta is a state of deep relaxation. With practice, you can achieve this state when meditating. When you go into a deep meditation, you are in Theta.

This is the level that most hypnotists want to take you. The mind’s most deep-seated programs are at the Theta level, so it is important to achieve this level when changing those programs. In Theta, suggestions, ideas, visualization are more likely to enter the subconscious mind.

The Theta state of mind is that state where you are moving into sleep. The conscious mind is mostly shut off the subconscious mind can flourish. This is the level which helps you to produce creative ideas and solutions.

The Theta level is where your mind goes as you are going to sleep and when you are waking up. You are very suggestible at those times….so it is important to only have positive influences around at those times. In other words, it is NOT a good time to watch the news.

It IS a great time to visualize, or imagine, what you want to create at those times. So, when you are going to sleep, if you are going to think of anything, think of what you want. And, when you are waking up, think about what a wonderful day you are going to have. You will be sending out to the Universe what you want to attract.

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