Our brains function with electrical currents that can be measured with an Electroencephalograph Device (E. E. G.). The electrical currents are measure in cycles per second, or Hertz.Head with electrical currents

Learning about these brainwave frequencies can help us to reprogram the subconscious mind by accessing the deeper levels of consciousness.

Beta brainwaves are about 15 Hertz – 40 Hertz. When you are in the Beta. your mind is awake, aware, and alert. Your are conscious of your five senses.

Alpha brainwaves are about 7.5 Hertz – 12 Hertz. When you are in the Alpha, your mind is deeply relaxed. Theta is the state of mind for meditating, daydreaming, being lightly hypnotized, and able to learn easily.

Theta brainwaves are about 4 Hertz to 7.5 Hertz. In Theta, your mind is very deeply relaxed. Theta is a state of light sleep, in deep meditation, and you are very suggestible.

Delta Brainwaves are up to 4 Hertz. When you are in the Delta state your are in deep sleep. This deep sleep is essential for healing.

Gamma Brainwaves are over 40 Hertz. At the Gamma level, your mind runs very quickly like when you are panicked or experiencing high levels of stress.



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