IcebergYour mind is made up of two parts, the Conscious Mind, and the Subconscious Mind.

The Conscious Mind makes up about 10% of your mind, and is the rational mind. It analyzes and acts upon everything¬† you are aware of….when you are conscious of something, you are aware of it. The Conscious Mind uses the information it receives through the sense organs and uses it to think, form judgments and make decisions.

The Subconscious Mind (which is also sometimes called the Unconscious Mind or the Other Than Conscious Mind), lies “below” the Conscious Mind and makes up about 90% of your mind. The Subconscious its is doing its thing without you realizing it most of the time.

The Subconscious Mind controls your bodily functions like breathing, your heart beating, and keeps your your body temperature at the right temperature. It balances and maintains all of your body’s organs, chemicals, nerves impulses most of the time. The Subconscious Mind stores all of your memories and thoughts and retrieves data without you being aware of it. It controls habits and automatic responses by retrieving past thoughts and behaviors, and makes sure that you continue behaving in a manner that is exactly the way you have done in the past.

So, the key to changing any patterns of behavior is to change your programed behavior in your subconscious mind.

There are several way to change your subconscious programming. One of the fastest ways is with hypnosis.

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